Unico Steel


We are the pioneer of domestic steel industry and have led its distribution channel in every part of the country through importation since 1983.
Unico Steel has left a significant legacy in the steel industry by taking root of steel industry since 1983, which was the period of industrialization. We initiated importation of steel pipes along with various items focused on industrial, gas line, building materials and construction industry. We have worked with great companies such as Hyundai Steel, POSCO, Hyosung, SeAH Steel & Nippon Steel. We have led the development of Bangladeshi steel industry with challenging spirit.

Unico Steel is heavily engaged in the development of next generation steel for future projects. Our steel division enabled us to take initiative in consolidating national economy by localizing manufactured products rather than import. We are the largest share holder of Union Steel Tubes Ltd established in 2005 on an area of 40,467 square meters situated in Bhulta, Narayongonj, Dhaka. We continue to actively respond ever changing steel demands by continuous investments on R&D.

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